Amici e Famiglia

Our Patroness and Inspiration

All of the members of the Canzi and Berman families are animal lovers.  Over the years, both families have had a veritable menagerie of pets, all of which have been treated like royalty.  This page is dedicated to their current, past and future pets.  As our friends often say, “In my next life, I want to come back as one of your pets.”

Both families support many animal charities, including Cat Care Club, No Kill LA, D.E.L.T.A Rescue, Alley Cat Allies, and Best Friends Animal Society, all of which can always use a donation.

Jeff and Susan’s Cats: Lucia, Tashi and Oliver


Gabriele and Kathryn’s cat: Sophie


Chiara and Francesco’s cat: Diego


Adriano and Patrizia’s cat: Tia

Adriano and Patrizia’s cat: Leo

Adriano and Patrizia’s cat: Leo

Chiara and Francesco’s cat, Max.

Chiara and Francesco’s cat: Max.

Adriano and Patrizia’s Dog: Keanu

Jeff’s Mother’s Cat: Molly

Gabriele’s Nanos